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metal detector adult child adjustable multi range environments outdoor waterproof metal hunting 7 seven settings LCD display

Professional Waterproof Metal Detector - with LCD Display

Land Pirates - A'hoy


  • 10-Inch Professional Waterproof Metal Detector
  • Comes Complete with Carry Case, Coil Cover, Headphones, Batteries and Multi-Use Tactical Digger.
  • Professional metal detector has seven detection modes and high precision, capturing tiny metal signals down to 10" depth.
  • The 41''-52'' adjustable handle accommodates users of different heights for adults children, and provides a comfortable operating experience.
  • The metal detector adopts 7 modes, all metals mode, pinpoint mode, jewelry mode, coins mode, debris mode, ornaments mode, and custom mode.
  • IP68 waterproof, whether outdoor adventure or indoor search, you can enjoy detection anywhere, anytime.


Ships from United States via UPS  - Please Allow 3 - 7 Days for Delivery

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