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tactical bag for medical supplies outdoor emergencies first aid bag field waterproof snap attach

Tactical First Aid Pouch - 7 Colors

Practical Tactical


  • Tactical First Aid Pouch is great for carrying your own first aid supplies, emergency kit, medical field kit, or other outdoor supplies needing to be kept together for easy accessibility and organization
  • Detachable Medical Pouch Kit Utility Bag (Bag Only) is easy to attach to any other bag, belt, backpack, or keep in your car, motorcycle, RV, etc. Has easy release snaps and velcro attachments on the exterior for easy attach and release when needed.
  • Compact Design holds everything you need. Strong zipper keeps everything together. 
  • Wide opening allows bag to lay flat and easily access the interior pockets. Hook and loop fastener tape, zippered mesh interior pocket and strong elastic loops inside let you have a place for everything together.
  • Highly recommended as a Pet First Aid Bag, Human First Aid Bag, or Outdoor Survival Gear Holder.


Please Allow 10-15 Days for Delivery

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