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Sun Chaser Solar Powered Wireless Phone Charger 20; 000 mAh With LED Flood Light

20,000mAh Solar Powered Wireless Phone Charger - With LED Flood Light

Wireless & Sun Powered


  • Sun Chaser Solar Powered Wireless Phone Charger With LED Flood Light is a 20,000 mAh capacity Solar Powerbank with a built-in wireless charger and LED floodlight.  This charger with boosting charging capability can simultaneously charge 2 to 3 devices with its built-in Qi standard wireless charger, multi-port USB ports, and Type-C USB ports.
  • Charge any mobile phone 2.5 Times fully and charge any Tablet 100%. Also charge many devices like Cameras; Watches; and Toys. The Solar panel charges your power bank and regenerates all the power again. T
  • his water-resistant power bank is perfect for indoors or outdoors and great for quickly lighting up an area 20 ft x 20ft with its LED floodlights.
  • The built-in power regulator will not overcharge your devices.  The whole power bank is shockproof and dustproof as well as water-resistant. The advanced light-absorbing solar panels take every light source and use it to convert to stored power.
  • A true Sun Chaser - it works most efficiently in the daytime in sunlight and stores power that can be used any time anywhere.



  • Solar Powerbank 4.5 inch. 
  • 20,000 mAh stored power capacity.
  • Qi Standard wireless charger 10W. 
  • 4 USB ports. 
  • 1 Type C USB port.
  • LED Flood Light. 
  • Shock and Water Resistant hard case. 


Ships from United States via USPS  - Please Allow 3 - 7 Days for Delivery

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