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best mini portable outdoor inflation pump deflate inflate sports light multiuse functional power bank battery

Portable Mini Electric Pump - Power Bank - Light - 3 Colors

Portable Pump, Light & Power Bank


  • High Powered Mini air pump will save you time. 
  • Inflates and Deflates quickly with its powerful built in 3600mAh battery. 
  • Quickly Charge and Bank Power to charge other devices with included charging cord.
  • Use as a lantern, tent light or in case of emergency. 
  • High-powered magnet built in to the bottom allows for secure, hands free lighting when you need it.
  • Includes lanyard for convenient hanging or carrying. Lightweight and compact design make it perfect to take anywhere.
  • Includes various attachments to provide versatility to inflate and deflate differing products and a carrying bag to keep it all together.
  • Can inflate/deflate: Inflatable mattress, inflatable pillow,  swimming rings and pool mats, kiddie pools, kayaks and SUPS, inflatable furniture, remove air from vacuum storage bags, etc. 


Inflation: low-speed / high-speed 

LED lighting 4 settings: low, med, high, SOS flash, - off

Mobile power: 5V /2A Fast Charging

Strong Magnetic Hold 


Ships via USPS (please allow 7-15 days)

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