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Hanging Mesh Fruit & Veggie Storage Bags - 2 Sizes

From Farmers Market to Hanging Storage


  • Use as a shopping bag for the market, take it out as a lunch bag or picnic bag. Easiest way to transport and store your fragile fruits and veggies.
  • Don't keep friuts and vegetables in plastic bags to rot - watch them ripen and eat when ready. Less wasted food - save money!
  • Save space by hanging your sorted fruits and veggies. They can be washed, hung to dry and stored all in one place.
  • Made of selected polyester mesh fabric and eco-friendly PVC material. Flexible, durable and easy to clean. Mold resistant. Perfect for RV travel, tiny homes, camping, beach bag, etc.
  • Can be used for other household goods also, such as toiletries, cleaning supples, gardening tools, bath toys or beach items, and more. 
  • Lightweight and durable hanging storage bag perfect for kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.
  • 2 Sizes to choose from: Medium 28 x 25cm  | Large 40 x 50cm


Please Allow 7-14 Days for Delivery

    PriceFrom $14.00
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