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Outdoor Personal Cookware Mess Kit with Utensils for Hiking Camping Mountaineering Backpacking

Personal Cookware Mess Kit - with Utensils

Outdoor Personal Mess Kit


  • This 5 piece camping cookware set includes 1 aluminum pot + 1 bowl+ 1 fork+ 1 spoon+ 1 knife+ 1 Carry bag
  • Made with non-toxic anodized aluminum, making it strong, durable, lightweight and conducts heat quickly
  • The handles fold around the pots to save space
  • Gas canister fits inside pot to protect the canister and travel safer
  • Everything packs together into the mesh bag for convenient storage and carrying
  • The bowl can also be used as an additional small pot or lid on the larger pot

Product Information

Pot: 122x105mm (Diameter*Height) 4.8" x 4.1"
Bowl: 115x60mm (Diameter*Height)4.5" x  2.4"

Spoon: 160*40mm | 6.29" x 1.57"

Knife: 165*12mm | 6.5" x 0.5"

Fork: 160*12mm | 6.29" x  0.5"

Material: Anodized Aluminum(Pans)/ Stainless Steel(Cutlery)

Thickness: 0.8MM

Feature: Heat resistant, Durable. Suitable for indoor/outdoor use.
Packing: 12.5*12.7*17 CM

Total Weight: 430g | approx. 1 lb.


Please Allow 7-12 Days for Delivery

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