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environmentally friendly eco conscious 3 person tent wind resistant waterproof camping outdoor SPF protection packable carry

3 Person Camping Dome Tent - Waterproof

Eco-Friendly Starter Tent


  • Getting ready for a camping trip and are looking for a tent that is roomy, comfortable and durable?
  • This Lightweight, Waterproof, 3 - Person Camping Tent is the perfect choice for your next adventure. This Environmentally friendly option offers you an easy to set up tent with a spacious sleeping area. Durable fabric will last for years. 
  • Stay cool thanks to UPF 30 sun protection! Can withstand winds of up to 25mph!


Living room measures 82.7" x 76.8" with a height of 49.2".

Total weight: 7.5 lbs

Living Space Dimensions: 82.7" x 76.8"

Living space height is 49.2 inches.

*We recommend using a sleeping pad or backpack mattress with a maximum width of 25.6 inches.


Product Contains:

1 Room Dome Tent - 1 Waterproof fly tent - 2 colapsable tent poles - 8 stakes - 4 drawstrings - 1 bag


Waterproof: Our tents are Tropical Rain Lab tested to withstand 200mm of water per square meter per hour.

Wind resistance: All tents are tested in a wind tunnel on a turntable. The goal is to have the same amount of wind on each side of the tent. When properly pitched and the drawstrings deployed, this tent is habitable in a Force 5 wind (measured at 25 mph).


Environmental Benefits:

 Why Are Your Products Gray? Textile dyeing requires large amounts of water, and dye baths also generate wastewater. To reduce our environmental impact, we use only 1 bulk dyed thread for every 2 (Bi-ton) threads, thus reducing consumption and water impact.


Ships from United States (please allow 3-7 days)

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