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How To Best Experience A Super Bloom Wildflower Hike: 2024 Edition

Updated: Apr 27

A super bloom is a special time, usually during early spring. Special, because it doesn’t happen every year.

After very heavy rains, when it warms up quickly, but it’s not too hot, thousands of wildflowers spring into bloom all at once. They take over, filling the landscape, becoming the main attraction.

This winter, much of North America saw record amounts of rain. An early spring is now upon us, and we are seeing record blooms all around the country.

A stunning landscape to behold, a super bloom doesn’t wait around. Some wildflowers don’t stay blossomed very long. They can last through early summer in higher elevations where it tends to stay cooler, but depending on your location, there’s a narrow window to plan a super bloom wildflower spring hike.

A little different than regular hiking trails, there are a few extra guidelines to consider when hiking any wildflower trail, and planning ahead can help you make the most of this extraordinary experience.

First Step - Pick your destination. Wildflowers tend to erupt in valleys, canyons, hillsides, high-elevations, deserts, meadows and near lakes. There are plenty of easy to find destinations in California and Oregon. You can also check your local state parks home, or download and use the free All Trails App. Even if you're in a city, you can check out a local park or botanical garden.

Before You Go – plan out your whole day. How much time it will take to drive to your destination, complete your hike, and return home? Depending on the popularity of the trail, you should expect more than average numbers of cars and people visiting. Be prepared and plan accordingly.

Stay Safe - Bring a friend!  And always tell someone else where you are going, when you expect to be back, and check back in when you return.

Snap the Map! – Always look up your location on a map, and then take screenshots or photos. If you don’t have phone service on your hike, at least you will have a map of your location on you.

Bring Them with You - Check to make sure the trail terrain is appropriate and can safely accommodate your pets and/or children if you plan to take them. Always keep dogs on leash.

Stay Hydrated! - Remember to evaluate how much water and/or food to take with you. We always like to bring extra snacks.

Bug Out - The more moisture, the more flowers – and the more bugs! It’s best to wear long sleeves and pants, but you should also take bug repellant with you. Also, more moisture – usually means more mud - so wear shoes with good traction.

Step It Up - Clean off your shoes before and after your hike. This is important and helps to prevent seeds and cross pollination of unwanted and invasive plant species being tracked through by your shoes.

Never Pick the Flowers! - Although tempting, in National Parks some species are federally protected, and in states like Oregon, it is illegal to pick wildflowers growing on public land. In California, poppies, which are common super bloomers, are also the state flower, and it is illegal to pick them anywhere in the state.

Always Stay on the Trail ~ Leave Only Footprints ~ Take Only Memories

Since you can’t pick the flowers, here’s some fun things to do on your hike, instead:

Plan a Photography Adventure - The flowers are astonishingly incredible during a super bloom! A virtual sea of color shades and hues that can make for gorgeous landscape photos and beautiful backdrops for portraits.

(Note; In Some Federal, State and Private Parks, drones may be prohibited - Check your location for drone rules and laws)

Capture the Moment - Bring a sketch book and colored pencils. Take some time to draw and detail what you see. You might be the next Monet.

Find That Flower - Download and use a free plant identifying App, like Plant Snap, to identify and learn new fun facts about these amazing flowers.

It’s Not Just About the Flowers – Take some time to watch the Birds and the Bees,

Squirrels, Sparrows, and Salamanders – Get up close with a pair of binoculars.

Sit & Meditate – Find a quiet space and take some time to relax and breathe in the surrounding beauty. Use your senses to tap into the stillness - the sights, smells, sounds, and feels of nature. Remind yourself why you’re here.

Get Immersed in Nature and Stay Inspired at Home – Women have an inherent need to be submerged in nature. It's our way to connect with ourselves on a deeper level. We walk back into our lives grounded and more balanced. We don't even have to try - it's just something that happens naturally – and we think that's really cool!

Anytime you’re outside is an excellent time to connect with the natural elements around you. You can tap into this bond and actually feel the inspiration come alive.

Pick up a rock, stare at the shape of a leaf, or admire the deep history of an old tree. You may get new, creative ideas that drive you toward your next goal, or help propel you further in your current goal. Maybe you’ll just be inspired to paint your kitchen a new color. This is the recalibrating energy our natural environment gives us!

Inspiration Photos by - @overzealous.aardvark (Exclusively for Hike Her World)

We hope our information helps inspire you to get outside, even if it's just in your own backyard!

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