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swimming robot fish cat toys playful kitty 8 pieces multicolor water activated light up moves in water

Swimming Robot Fish Cat Toys - 8 Pieces

Go Go Fish


  • KEEPS YOUR CATS ENTERTAINED - The swimming fish move their tails, have flashing  lights, and are wind-up activated. Cats will immediately be attracted by these toy fish. Dogs and Kids love them too! 
  • NO NEED TO TURN IT ON/OFF - The fish tail starts moving once it touches water - there is no need to mess with an on/off switch. They constantly change speed automatically by changing their tail flipping. Very realistic swimming action with the fins moving quickly then slowing and speeding up again - just like real fish. They also automatically stop lighting up and swimming.
  • CAT SAFE MATERIAL -  Made of the New Safe and Environmentally Friendly Plastic; Will not pollute the environment. Great for kids too!
  • KITTIES LOVE TO GO FISHING - The swimming Robot Fish Toys can swim in any water like sink, bathtub, or swimming pool.
  • WATER ACTIVATED: When you put the robot fish in the water, it will swim with flashing lights. When removed from water, it will turn off automatically.
  • Multiple colors


Ships from United States - Please Allow 10 - 15 Days for Delivery

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