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smart outdoor birdhouse with night vision camera and cell phone app to see birds nesting hatching eggs live video and speaker

Smart Outdoor Bird House - with Night Vision Camera

Private Peep Show


  • Watch the Birds Nesting & Hatching Live: Smart birdhouse with camera can auto-capture visiting birds, and you will receive real-time notifications of feathered visitors via the phone app.
  • This revolutionary smart bird house with camera allows you to get close up shots and provides the best experience to upgrade your birdwatching. Educational and Fun!
  • Capture Birds Clearly with 3MP Night Vision: This birdhouse has a 3MP camera, built-in microphone, and night vision lamp so that you can observe birds' appearance and behavior anytime, regardless of day or night, and even listen to their songs.
  • Friendly Design: The bird house has three customized holes that suit most bird species, while a metal-guarded entrance deters predators. Bird parents can build a nest and feed the baby in a safe and comfortable home. The fledglings also can practice their climbing and flying skills by crawling through gaps on the inner side. It's also easy to open the 180° magnetic door to clean it.
  • The Natural Color of Wood: Made of high-quality solid pine. Through a special carbonization treatment process, the shell is reinforced to be more weather and waterproof. Its natural appearance not only attracts wild birds, but also seamlessly blends into nature.
  • Makes a thoughtful and unique gift! Customize it by painting the high-quality wood shell with your own designs, creating a one-of-a-kind decoration. A great gift for a Birthdays, Christmas, Grandparents Day, or Graduation. 


Ships from United States via UPS Ground - Please Allow 3 - 8 Days for Delivery

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