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Small French Press with Components

Small French Press Coffee Maker with 4 Level Filtration System

Cuppa Joe On The Go!


  • Great for Coffee, Loose Leaf Teas & Frothing Milk for Lattes!
  • Silicone and Mesh Plunger Offers More Complete Filtration and Reduces Sediment. 
  • Environmentally Friendly - No Electricity Needed - No Paper Filters or Plastic Capsules Required!
  • Made With Thick Borosilicate Labratory Glass. Hard to Break - Easy to Clean and Use!


Small French Press Kit Contains:

1 -  3-cup Carafe French Press | 1 Cleaning Brush |1  Coffee Measuring Spoon | Coffee Recipes | 1 Replacement Filter


Materials: 304 Stainless Steel, BPA Free-Plastic & Borosilicate Glass*


*A component of this product is made of glass; the supplier ensures that the products have no quality problems before delivering, but there are uncontrollable factors in the logistics and transportation process that may lead to glass damage; if you encounter this problem, please contact us right away!


Use & Care: Wash in Warm, Soapy Water Before First Use and Dry Thoroughly. Hand Wash and Dry Recommended.


Place the French Press on a Flat Surface, Hold the Handle Firmly, and Pull the Plunger Up and Remove From the Carafe.

Add One Rounded Tablespoon or One Bodum Scoop of Coarsely Ground Coffee for Each Cup.

Pour Hot Water Into the Carafe 197F - 205ºF (about 92-96ºC), and Stir as You Pour with a Plastic or Wooden Spoon or Chopstick, Leaving a Minimum of 1inch (2.5cm) at the Top for the Plunger Lid.

Place the Plunger Lid on Top of the Pot and Turn the Lid So the Pour Spout is Closed to Retain the Heat. Don't Plunge Yet! 

Leave Four Minutes to Brew (Five Minutes for Stronger), then Hold the Handle Firmly and SLOWLY Lower the Plunger. Turn the Lid to Open the Pour Spout.


**Please confirm the size before buying. This product is a small french press.

Size:  4.5 x 3.5 x 7 inches | Capacity: 350 ml - suitable for the daily use of 1 or 2 people.

 3 cups (350 ml) are calculated after a 100 ml cup.


Ships from United States USPS (please allow 3-7 business days)

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