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cat toy tunnel 3 three way tunnel folds up flat for travel

3-Way Kitty-Go-Seek Collapsible Tunnel Toy - 3 Colors

Feline Tunnel Toy


  • The 3-Way Kitty-Go-Seek Interactive collapsible Kitty Cat Tunnel is composed of crackle tear-proof polyester and a durable lightweight inner wiring frame.
  • Features 3 connecting expandable tunnels with a peep hole located at the center.
  • Great for use with multiple cats. The Cat tunnel completely collapses and folds up. perfect for outdoor fun or travel.
  • Perfect for all sized cats.
  • Available in Multiple Colors.

SIZING MEASUREMENTS (LxWxH): 25" x 35"x 3"


Ships from United States via UPS Ground - Please Allow 2 -5 Days for Delivery

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